Nurse Case Management

Work-related injuries or illnesses require aggressive management to ensure that timely, appropriate, and effective medical care is rendered.  In addition to the injured workers’ recovery, the goal is the safe and quick return to work.  The Pivot Occupational Health staff has extensive experience in treating and managing injured workers.  We believe in ongoing communication and collaboration with our clients.  An integral part of our team is the Nurse Case Manager, who serves as a liaison between patients, employers, physicians, insurers and other health care providers. This direct, consistent, and informative communication is essential to continuity of care and quality outcomes that result in reduced workers’ compensation costs and restricted or lost time days.

Nurse Case Manager Responsibilities:

  • Communicating regularly with employers
  • Reviewing treatment plans and work status
  • Reviewing diagnostics and specialists reports
  • Coordinating treatment plans with specialists and other providers
  • Identifying barriers to recovery
  • Implementing cost management strategies

Pivot Occupational Health’s Nurse Case Manager offers an array of case management and workers compensation account management experience.  This is a value add service for our clients, at no additional charge. Our philosophy is that regular communication is the key to successful management and resolution of your workers’ compensation claims.